• Paris Annual Photo Fair 2017

    by  • October 30, 2017 • City Breaks, Paris

    Paris’ Annual photo fair is approaching and there’s just enough time to buy tickets, it takes place on the 9-12th November at the Grand Palais.

    Paris Photo is a huge grandiose Art Fair showcasing hundreds of photographers from around the world. You’ll see modern art like Gregory Crewdson and one of my favourites Darren Almond; and decade old classics such as Ansel Adams and August Sander.

    Paris Photo Fair

    You’ll find portraiture, landscape, documentary, abstract styles, everything under the sun really. There’s something for every taste and all of excellent quality. The sheer size of the area is overwhelming, it’s packed full of art and of course people. To get the most of your ticket price you’d need a full day to explore, so even though there are opportunities to buy coffee and sandwiches, bring some water and snacks to keep your energy up.

    Definitely pick up a map at the entrance, maybe select some of the galleries that most interest you so you don’t accidentally miss them. If you’re visiting with more than one person I would organise a meeting time and place because it’s inevitable that you’ll lose each other.

    There’s a large area between the back staircases that holds all the photobooks, one could spend hours just dedicated to the books. They are there to browse and also some will be for sale too, you can occasionally come by a stand where the artist is signing their books, fantastic potential for future investment and of course a great souvenir.

    The Grand Palais itself is a fantastic building, built in 1897 for the 1900 World’s Fair and intended to be used for exhibitions in the future. The glass and iron roof is iconic, and spectacular in the sunshine, probably in the rain too! This amazing architecture really adds to the feeling that you’re in a very special place.

    On leaving the Grand Palais you can head just a minute around the corner where you’ll find the Christmas market along the Champs-Élysées, so stop here for a crépe or a mulled wine, you’ll feel you deserved it after a long day of art.

    Find further information about the artists involved and buy tickets at: https://www.parisphoto.com/en/Home/