• Day trip from Milan to Lake Como

    by  • September 12, 2017 • Lake Como, Milan

    Lake Como has always been a top destination for celebrities and the wealthy of the world but I feel like recently it’s become a point of interest for all travellers. I’ve heard four of my friends visit in the last few months which got me thinking; is Lake Como in fashion in 2017?

    Lake Como

    I was staying in Milan for a few days when I found myself wanting some peace and quiet away from the city, I thought Lake Como would be the perfect stop for a day of relaxation. I travelled an hour north on the train choosing the town of Varenna after reading stories from other travellers. Varenna is a beautiful little town with easy access by boat to other picturesque towns Bellagio and Menaggio; Bellagio being famous for it’s near 360 degrees view of the lake.

    Every photograph of Lake Como is wonderful, there are mountain views in every direction and on a sunny day the blue of the sky perfectly matches the blue of the water. I was welcomed by a tropical heat with a perfect cooling breeze from the lake giving respite from Milan’s humidity. I sat under a tree with the salad I had packed for lunch and watched the water, it was a glorious start to the day.

    Lake Como

    The tiny lakeside towns are perfect for relaxing, take a day out and have lunch by the water, followed by more gelato. Watch the children playing by the shore while you read a book, or walk around spotting all the colourful plants. Explore the gardens of Villa Monastero, a small entrance fee allows you to venture through a slim patch of botanical gardens stretching along the water’s edge. You can enter the adjoining Villa too but the gardens really steal the show.

    What’s not to love about Lake Como? It seems that Lake Como is only becoming more popular, featuring more in pop culture and in social media, after all it is an incredibly photogenic place. The people who have longed after Italian Lakes for years are finally giving in to temptation after the increased exposure.

    Lake Como