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    Prague – back to normal

    by  • July 26, 2013 • City Breaks, Prague • 0 Comments

    Almost two months have passed since the city of Prague was making headlines for all the wrong reasons.  The very heavy rain in central Europe over a prolonged period had led to many rivers flooding their banks including the River Danube and, in Prague, the Vltava. Pictures of the worst city centre flooding in...

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    Europe’s Glorious Gardens

    by  • July 24, 2013 • City Breaks, Granada, Nature, Paris, Salzburg • 0 Comments

    Some of the most famous gardens in the world are located in major European cities.  Here I’ll take a look at three of the most impressive gardens:- The Palace of Versailles needs little introduction to most people.  Located on the outskirts of Paris, the garden of Versailles has been described as “the most famous...

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    Glorious Ghent

    by  • July 21, 2013 • City Breaks, Ghent • 0 Comments

    Today witnesses the dawning of a new era in Belgian history as Crown Prince Philippe officially becomes the new King of Belgium. Playing our own part in marking this momentous occasion, we take a look at another of Belgium’s glorious gems, Ghent. Reminiscent of Bruges, Ghent is a most attractive and vibrant city, thanks to the...

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    Munich – city of contrasts

    by  • July 19, 2013 • City Breaks, Culture Breaks, Munich • 0 Comments

    Music is famous for its beer festival  – The Oktoberfest – which is held every September and October and features parades, music concerts and other festivities. The first festival took place in 1810 when Crown Prince Ludwig, later to become King Ludwig I, was married to Princess Therese of Saxony-Hildburghausen. The citizens of Munich...

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    A Gastronome’s Delight – The Best Cities in Europe for Food Buffs

    by  • July 19, 2013 • Brussels, City Breaks, Food & Drink, Lyon, Paris, Rome • 0 Comments

    Be it authentic paella in Valencia, a traditional Neapolitan pizza or mouth-watering meze in a tempting Greek taverna, there’s a seemingly-endless variety of tempting cuisine on offer throughout Europe. And yet, whether you opt for Michelin-starred fine dining, a hearty local speciality or a simple snack, there’s a common and consistent thread running through...

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